Hodges Real Estate Services

Getting the Kind of Service You Expect and Deserve?

When you’re with your agent, is the focus totally on you, or is it on incoming email, phone calls, and texts? Does the agent do more talking than listening? Is sufficient time taken to answer your questions completely and to explain things to your satisfaction? Do you receive prompt responses? Are you often forced to deal with some ‘team member’ who isn’t familiar with your situation and unable to assist you?
This is definitely not our policy. We are attentive, responsive and patient. We make sure your questions are answered to your satisfaction, and make sure you understand exactly what is occurring throughout the entire process. You will always deal directly with us, and we’re always happy to hear from you. We truly value our client relationships. We sincerely care about our clients, and their needs and objectives are always our highest priority.
We measure our success in long-term relationships, not in the number of sales we make. We value making a new friend far above making a sale. Of course we’d love to do both, but if the time is not right, we understand and will always be here as a resource.
Buying or selling a home is a big deal, so it’s important to have the right professional on your side throughout the process. If you’re planning to step into the housing market this year, Contact us so we can talk about the best ways to accomplish your specific goals with as little stress as possible. (253) 222-2278 or [email protected]